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Tron Guy is a meme project for entertainment purposes only
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Where to Buy

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How to buy

How to Buy

Step 1: Install the TronLink wallet from the IOS/Android store

Step 2: Buy $TRX from any CEX and then send it to the Tronlink wallet

Step 3: Pick one of the DEX ChickenSWAP, BabyTuruSWAP, BBCSwap, or Sunswap and open it in your wallet's browser.

Step 4: Connect your wallet and buy the preferred amount.


Tron Guy Contract address: THvr8Jw1PqFSXAhYQgQSuGfqr3nWGy334j



Supply: 33 Billion tokens

Address: THvr8Jw1PqFSXAhYQgQSuGfqr3nWGy334j

Name:  $TRNGUY (TRNGuy)

Digits: 18


Token allocation:

10% Marketing

1% Jay

Stealth Launch


Check real live price action



Check our Tron Guy section in the DegenMerch.Store and pay with $TRNGUY or any major crypto tokens.


Tron Guy

In the digital expanse of the Tron blockchain, a new light emerges, beckoning users from all corners of the grid. Drawing inspiration from the iconic "Tron" movie, a saga that championed the individual's power against centralized control, we find a parallel narrative in the creation of the Tron Guy meme coin. Just as the heroes of "Tron" fought for the autonomy and freedom of the digital realm, so too does the Tron Guy meme coin strive to empower its community, offering a beacon of unity and prosperity in the vast crypto universe.

The Tron blockchain, with its vision of decentralization and creating a truly liberated digital space, mirrors the foundational battles fought within the "Tron" universe. Yet, despite its innovative technology and potential, the voices of individual investors and community members have often felt drowned out by the overarching narrative of institutional growth and expansion. It is here, at this juncture of digital evolution and community aspiration, that the Tron Guy meme emerges as not just a symbol, but as a rallying cry for the users, by the users.Tron Guy, an internet legend who donned the digital armor of the Tron universe, embodies the spirit of every user within the blockchain space—bold, imaginative, and unwavering in the face of uncertainty.

His transformation from a fan to an icon parallels the journey of every investor and participant in the Tron ecosystem. Just as Tron Guy brought the digital frontier to life through his costume, we aim to bring the essence of the Tron blockchain into the spotlight through the Tron Guy meme coin.This meme coin is not just a token; it's a statement. It declares that in a world of digital behemoths, the individual's voice can still hold power and influence. It acknowledges that while the battle for a decentralized future is fraught with challenges, there is joy, camaraderie, and strength in standing together as a community. The Tron Guy meme coin is a bridge connecting the legacy of the "Tron" film—a testament to innovation, resistance, and the fight for the user—to the modern blockchain movement.


The Tron Guy meme coin is a bridge connecting the legacy of the "Tron" film—a testament to innovation, resistance, and the fight for the user—to the modern blockchain movement.We are creating the Tron Guy meme to remind the world that the essence of the blockchain is not in the cold, hard lines of code, but in the vibrant, dynamic community that gives it life. It's a call to unite, to invest in our collective digital destiny, and to shape a future where the grid truly belongs to its users. Join us in this journey, as we fight for the users, echoing the timeless message of the "Tron" saga, and weaving a new narrative of empowerment and unity on the Tron blockchain.



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