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Playing Video Games


TuruVerse is adding continuously area's and features for visitors and inhabitants to play and entertain themselves. 
In the end the TuruVerse aims to be an entry point, a lobby for entering the main game which we are developing with part of the funds generated by TuruVerse

turu new design logo only black.png


Gaming center with old school Arcade games

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Parcours Game

Race through obstacles and earn

turu new design logo only black.png

Hide and Seek

Disguise yourself and hide from the hunter

turu new design logo only black.png

The impossible Maze

Find the exit of the Maze (in development)


Obstacle track to challenge yourself and others

Multi player obstacle track that can be entered to win to challenge yourself or play with others. In multi player mode you can push others of the track to earn the price for yourself.


Parcours-courses can be rented to hold game events or you can rent wall space for sponsorship content.

2022-11-12 18_04_29-TuruVerse (Gamified MetaVerse) by TuruGlobal - TRON Hackathon _ Hackat
Game Over Screen


Old school gaming center

Multiple Arcade gaming entries. Every arcade device allows entrance to a variation of games provided by partners.

We will host an ever increasing amount of Arcade terminals in our Arcade area.


Business can rent wall space for sponsored content

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