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Real Estate

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Residential Property

Different Luxury Levels

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What do you get for being a resident?

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Commercial Property

Different commercial properties



The residential properties have 5 different catgories.

Every inhabitant of TuruVerse will earn some revenue generated by TuruVerse depending on the luxury level multiplier.

Luxury levels:

  • Premium (multiplier 5)

  • Luxury (mutliplier 4)

  • Upscale (multiplier 3)

  • Standard (multiplier 2)

  • Budget (multiplier 1)

The Luxury and Premium apartments are housed in residential Tower with extra benefits, where the lower luxury level apartments are housed in housing Estates.



10% of the TuruVerse revenue is spread over the inhabitants of TuruVerse as inversed tax. The share you receive depends on the luxury level of your apartment (multiplier).

A Premium apartment owner gets a 5 times higher share of the revenue then a Budget apartment owner.

As a Resident you also have the right to become an enterpreneur in the TuruVerse, managing your own business like owning a Shop and renting it out to third party renters.


Rent a commercial property from TuruVerse and create an additional community engagement by:

  • Operating a bar for your community

  • Opening a Shop to direct traffic to your webshop

  • Having an Info center to explain your project

  • Run a Gallery to show off your art and sell your NFT's

Residing in the TuruVerse is a great way to engage with a totally new market to show of your project or brand.

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