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Vision of TuruVerse

The Vision of TuruVerse is to create a platform for businesses and projects in and outside of crypto to build a WEB3 world where all can work together following the "We earn - You earn" principle. With this a global community will be created open and beneficial for all.


-TuruVerse will be the Web3 hub for enterprizes and community-

2023 Quarter 1

  • Closure of Penthouse and Luxury mint

  • Announcement of the Rekt Estate property mass mint (Fund raising)

  • Closed demonstration for TuruVerse property owners

  • Website announcement and release

  • Light paper release

  • Partnership program announcement (release of Deck)

  • Final Alpha version for testing by team members and property owners

  • Closed Beta for BBT millionaire club members and Rekt Estate inhabitants

2023 Quarter 2

  • Release of TuruVerse Platform (Dimension one) public beta

  • Release of first Turu Island (Dimension two) in closed beta

  • Partnership announcements

  • Public release of TuruVerse Platform (Dimension one)

  • Announcement of SAFU Residence property mass mint (Fund raising)

City 2.png

2023 Quarter 3

  • Public release of Turu Islands (Dimension two)

  • Game reveal of TuruWorld (Pilot name)

  • Partnership announcements

  • Announcement of WGMI Street property mass mint (Fund raising)


Mission Statement

TuruVerse Mission

Our end goal is releasing a Blockbuster game, what we have now is and should be refereed to as the ''lobby'' of that game.


''We want to create a game that is focused on being an awesome game and have the blockchain connectivity working in the background as a natural part of the game rather than a precondition for playing the game. Gamers wont need blockchain but will always have the option to interact with it if intrigued''.

While we are building the game, we are establishing the TuruVerse virtual world which creates a fun and inspiring environment where residents and visitors will be rewarded for their interaction with TuruVerse.

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